ok so i lied.. 25/11/09

i'm not deleting this but
i'm going to revamp it !

the end 28/09/09

so we have the end of the dandy blog yes indeed

i will be making a new one...

at first i shunned the thought of making a new blog

but i'm lacking a voice in a different ray that my art classes are

just not filling ..

so yes i am dreadfully tired of this one... and thus hope to actually fufill a
real full fleged blog that will not run dry
where i will be able to post music,photos,art and such to fully blurt out
everything that goes on in my mind!

i will post an update link when it will happen which will surely be when i finally
have my new laptop
IN the meanwhile bear with me !

future friendly ? 06/22/09

watch this..

and now watch this

makes you wonder eh ?

vernissage 17/05/09


one of our teachers made a us a temporary website <3

BUONA PASQUA! 12/04/09

happeh eastahz bitchz

where are my easter eggs GODDAMN

oldies but goodies 24/03/09

4 days till i popped out of my momma

my little cousin was listening to sia the other day
looking at fan created videos
and i thought i should post some oldies
but goodies <3

<3 watch this one til the end :) it's worth it