oldies but goodies 24/03/09

4 days till i popped out of my momma

my little cousin was listening to sia the other day
looking at fan created videos
and i thought i should post some oldies
but goodies <3

<3 watch this one til the end :) it's worth it

ps 21/03/09

can't forget

j queen

is climbing the charts <3

so yum yumm

remember when 21/03/09

i was looking though some videos
and this one just popped up

and i remembered way back when
- when i was 15 and i would lurk
"those" sites and well,if anything
you'll know what i mean ahah..

lyf3 16/03/09

12 days 'til my birthday and im super sick

i haven't even gone out yet and it's been march break for a whole

i hate lyf3

p.s. i take back what i said about metric
i knew they could do it lol.

hm hm hm 12/03/09

ahaha just finished most of my midterms
and i'm quite glad that's all over !!!

so hence on to the metrics new album
i just listened to what they posted on their official page
and i'm pretty satisfied as to how it came out
at first, i'm not going to lie, i was pretty skeptic
that they could come up with some more good stuff
(don't hate!!)but it's good
i won't blab on about this get your own opinion, and listen to it

i've actually met metric <3 i've loved them since a very young
age :) so i'm glad anywhoot


haha if you check that out
you'll see that rihanna is supposedly cutting herself now?
hmm who would've thought our little good girl gone bad would have
gone that bad?
this is such bullox as my good friend would say..

so my lifes pretty great right now
and it's spring break/almost my birfday

and i really want ic3cr34m c4k3

:) i'll keep yall posted <3