30/03/08 Absolutely Fabulous

I've no photos to upload on the hotel computer
yet from the trip

but it's been great!
NYC is a lot of fun
we went out to dine a mr chows
amazing service great food lovely champagne

loads of shopping bergdorfs (excuse me if i mispelled that)
bloomingdales sephora and other fine stores :D

tomorow brooklyn
and then after that
the moma and onward back to montreal

brooklyn is going to be filled
with wonderful stores and
thrifting ;)

i shall get back to you on this post later on
tomorow or if not monday night

thank you loreta and jess i love you both
it's amazing
espescially spending your eighteenth birthday here
and at mr chows !!

24/03/08 A final frenzy

I've found myself once again scrambling to get things ready for one of my last
weeks of school. Things fly by so fast it's quite scary...
Almost done another semestre of cegep and not much to show for it.
Truly I find the whole CEGEP process quite frightening.

My friend just came back from L.A. and I think we should all go and check him
and his best friend out hihi
I am not saying this for publicity but because I truly
am interested in their music

here's a link to their page: myspace.com/markandalex

I think it's worth a look

anyways he brought me back some mad clothes and some jellybeans which happen to be my favourite candy ^^

I leave in a few days for New York city and I cannot wait

anyways I realy should get back to my homework
so I bid you farewell!

20/03/08 wonderful weather for all

well well well,
i have not posted a blog in forever
and i am truly sorry dear bloggers..

I have been on march break and have not
been able to focus on quite much but tonight
was rather productive

I've been lurking the internet for interesting finds
and i've somewhat managed to find great stuff.
I for one love forms of expression such as photography and art, litterature and music.

I will continue to prowl the net for pieces and works that I happen to like just for you fellow bloggers!

this is it for now, I shall speak with you later!

02/03/08 dreadful, but a sweet delight

today was awfully dreadful...
but there were nonetheless brighter parts of the day.
me and my buddy went to the museum... for my
drawing class assignment only to find out
that.. it's due in two weeks...

We marched onwards to Chinatown after going around in
circles for a few minutes on the metro...

finally we arrived and we headed for bubble tease,
lovely place i might add, and we had the most wonderfully tasteful
bubble tease i've ever drank.

Then on to the bakery. i bought myself a few tasty pastries

and when went to catch the bus.

Now i am at home, it is 11.07
and i must write a humanities essay...
i've lost my outline...
and i'm absolutely distressed

what to do, what to do, what to do..

oh dear, help!

01/03/08 endings for new beginnings

i've come to the bright conclusion of creating a blog,
though i've no skills for this, i will try my best.
i think it a mighty way to express myself
and to get my thoughts out somewhere.

i can't wait to get started^^