ok so i lied.. 25/11/09

i'm not deleting this but
i'm going to revamp it !

the end 28/09/09

so we have the end of the dandy blog yes indeed

i will be making a new one...

at first i shunned the thought of making a new blog

but i'm lacking a voice in a different ray that my art classes are

just not filling ..

so yes i am dreadfully tired of this one... and thus hope to actually fufill a
real full fleged blog that will not run dry
where i will be able to post music,photos,art and such to fully blurt out
everything that goes on in my mind!

i will post an update link when it will happen which will surely be when i finally
have my new laptop
IN the meanwhile bear with me !

future friendly ? 06/22/09

watch this..

and now watch this

makes you wonder eh ?

vernissage 17/05/09


one of our teachers made a us a temporary website <3

BUONA PASQUA! 12/04/09

happeh eastahz bitchz

where are my easter eggs GODDAMN

oldies but goodies 24/03/09

4 days till i popped out of my momma

my little cousin was listening to sia the other day
looking at fan created videos
and i thought i should post some oldies
but goodies <3

<3 watch this one til the end :) it's worth it

ps 21/03/09

can't forget

j queen

is climbing the charts <3

so yum yumm

remember when 21/03/09

i was looking though some videos
and this one just popped up

and i remembered way back when
- when i was 15 and i would lurk
"those" sites and well,if anything
you'll know what i mean ahah..

lyf3 16/03/09

12 days 'til my birthday and im super sick

i haven't even gone out yet and it's been march break for a whole

i hate lyf3

p.s. i take back what i said about metric
i knew they could do it lol.

hm hm hm 12/03/09

ahaha just finished most of my midterms
and i'm quite glad that's all over !!!

so hence on to the metrics new album
i just listened to what they posted on their official page
and i'm pretty satisfied as to how it came out
at first, i'm not going to lie, i was pretty skeptic
that they could come up with some more good stuff
(don't hate!!)but it's good
i won't blab on about this get your own opinion, and listen to it

i've actually met metric <3 i've loved them since a very young
age :) so i'm glad anywhoot


haha if you check that out
you'll see that rihanna is supposedly cutting herself now?
hmm who would've thought our little good girl gone bad would have
gone that bad?
this is such bullox as my good friend would say..

so my lifes pretty great right now
and it's spring break/almost my birfday

and i really want ic3cr34m c4k3

:) i'll keep yall posted <3

what is this all for? 25/02/90

things suck right now
i'm not going to lie..
i don't know what i'm doing
nor where i'm supposed to be going

why is making choices in life so hard ?

i'm so tired, thoroughly tired..
my body aches
my mind can't absorb anymore info
i just don't want to do this anymore

this week is the most intense week i've ever lived

just needed to rant!

p.s. i'm kicking lifes ass.. soon..

gurl get yur hair did 21/02/09

it saved her life.
the NBC report is the best if you can find it

RUN LOLA run 09/02/09

our beloved rihanna, island babe extraodinaire, has
thus been beaten by boyf Chris Brown ?
"WHAT WHAT!?" you might say
but yes, it's true or for the time being..
but rihanna has supposedly been reported to have
two welts on her forehead and bite marks on her leg
and black and blue face (all pretty brutal)


what could have provoked this ?

Just two things and a bubble 07/02/09

being involved in the infamous semi-naked formal party
i'm leaving at 7
yup should be a blast
this time its going to be bigger than ever

Pie in yo face 27/01/09

check my lookbook: http://lookbook.nu/adyingdandy
hahahahah its my first look i'd really appreciate it :D

Many a true word is spoken in jest 18/01/09

Ok so there are quite a few things on my mind//

- b2s tomorow not looking forward to it *uber stress ugh
- i was sick for my last week off ughh
- i just watched a whole anime series to find out the last episode has not been
realesed yet -_- ughhh
- ughhhh
- now i'm listening to a band that reminds me of a close friend
and we don't talk anymroe ughhhhh

But overall i'm almost done college
and i have no idea what i want to do AHAH

HEAD START 10/01/09

ok so portfolio is due on the 23rd of february
and i'm really not going to lie, i'm stressed beyonddddddd belief
so i'm painting now til i go back to school and i hope to do some lino too :)

this is just to tide you over in case i don't make it back before school ahah

my faves from a few of my faves

brandy alexander 04/01/09

ok so i also remembered this and thought i should share it with you
soo soo slimming

i just have to 04/01/09

ok so .......

Happy new years guys !!!

2k9 woot woot
we all have to see this movie no matter whattttttt