29/06/08 PiKAPiKA!! project!

i love this

i want to do a video of this sort
it makes me happy ^^

29/06/08 i just want to danc e

i just want to danc e
i am going to
not sure what style but
i want to

can't wait to go to laronde

27/06/08 my party people

my kind of night club ;)

27/06/08 WELL looky what i found

i didn't know she re did it ?

27/06/08 OH no he's a lot more than just a prop to me

love the choreography haha mia's ideas :P

24/06/08 ...

you know after last night
i was soo depressed
i think i had the worst day of the summer yesterday

and i mean the worst.

anyways, i actually thought out of all that happened
that something good might occur out of what had just happened

but i'm sorry to say; it's right back to where we left it ...
isn't it funny how people come and talk to you soo much
in one night but you know after that night the next day they'll probably
stop talking to you

i'm just wondering what the point of things were
to come justify stuff just so you can feel better about yourself
'cause that's the image that i'm left with, no ones trying to make you look bad
well that's most likely a lie, i'm not trying to make you look bad
i just don't know anymore ?

what's the use

i don't want you nor do i expect you to read this and understand it
i just thought you were something more

i'm not any better but ...

20/06/08 MTL's got nothing on them

-_- i'm so sick of this...

mtl please...

they are pros (L)

they have my reeespect.

19/06/08 deal

i don't know much but the last few weeks have been a mouthful.
troublesome times, that is what you may say

but i prefer to call it nothing more than a process,

between beauty lays the ill-favored...and once you reach the ill-favored beauty blossoms once more..

the grass will be greener in lighter terms i suppose

but for now i let loose some thoughts through my keyboard

and onto this page. Emotionless it may seem but words are potent when

applied in the right manner.

today was a beautiful day no matter who may contradict me.

yes, it rained, it poured even but still something shone through, no.. no sun

no shine just a feeling of somewhat warmth even through the damp chill.

i lay on my grandmothers couch while my hoody was put to rest in the dryer.

i thought and grew weary, all i ask is to no longer feel what makes me so ill.

ill, disdain

it will end, as i said it's a process..

ahah i hope no one catchs on ^^ steffie will.

16/06/08 careful what you wish for

this is what i want ;)

15/06/08 another film

makes me want to watch the movie so bad.

15/06/08 comptine d'ete

:) kudos goes to nik for finding this!

11/06/08 I'm a swinger baby

actually sunday morning at 5 30 am
i left a house-party in a neighbourhood all too unfamiliar to me
to go outside for a walk because
everyone was out (unconcious)
and i was in no mood to sleep
i did swing in the park
i did it for a good 30 minutes
then i walked back.
i thought a lot on that walk there
and while swinging,
on the walk back things were different.
good or bad i don't care, i'm just glad they were

11/06/08 Bones

it's only natural

i am hinting at lyrcis -_-

06/06/08 still tonight

first off i hate her.

second i can't believe i recognized him

thirdly, he's way better looking with no stupid glasses

and in conclusion she sucks.

06/06/08 TAKE THAT ZOE

mine will be a news paper costume

05/06/08 also in todays news

i know, i know, i'm not a woman
but it is somewhat funny

05/06/08 HAY ladiez

i love them too

only 3% of artists that are in the MET. are women

but 83% of the nudes are of women.

does a woman have to be nude to get into US museums?

02/06/08 I'm sorry i just love them

Ambiguous much ?



They were amazing!!!!

although the crowd was minorly sucky...

being sandwiched between a drunken musique plus vj

and her strangely intoxicated friends...

well let's just say it wasn't quite that


zoe and kim attended

ps this is the vj :