what is this all for? 25/02/90

things suck right now
i'm not going to lie..
i don't know what i'm doing
nor where i'm supposed to be going

why is making choices in life so hard ?

i'm so tired, thoroughly tired..
my body aches
my mind can't absorb anymore info
i just don't want to do this anymore

this week is the most intense week i've ever lived

just needed to rant!

p.s. i'm kicking lifes ass.. soon..

gurl get yur hair did 21/02/09

it saved her life.
the NBC report is the best if you can find it

RUN LOLA run 09/02/09

our beloved rihanna, island babe extraodinaire, has
thus been beaten by boyf Chris Brown ?
"WHAT WHAT!?" you might say
but yes, it's true or for the time being..
but rihanna has supposedly been reported to have
two welts on her forehead and bite marks on her leg
and black and blue face (all pretty brutal)


what could have provoked this ?

Just two things and a bubble 07/02/09

being involved in the infamous semi-naked formal party
i'm leaving at 7
yup should be a blast
this time its going to be bigger than ever