HEAD START 10/01/09

ok so portfolio is due on the 23rd of february
and i'm really not going to lie, i'm stressed beyonddddddd belief
so i'm painting now til i go back to school and i hope to do some lino too :)

this is just to tide you over in case i don't make it back before school ahah

my faves from a few of my faves

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nik said...

awwww hahahah THE WONDER GIRLS!!! do you remember when we saw this? i sended you the link! i was still in the US and we chatted nearly every night xD (aww miss these times..)

i even think that i posted a karaoke cover dance of some high school guys with tell me from the wondergirls... hmmm i have to look it up...

btw i think i like korean high school girls a bit more than japanese 0_0