24/03/08 A final frenzy

I've found myself once again scrambling to get things ready for one of my last
weeks of school. Things fly by so fast it's quite scary...
Almost done another semestre of cegep and not much to show for it.
Truly I find the whole CEGEP process quite frightening.

My friend just came back from L.A. and I think we should all go and check him
and his best friend out hihi
I am not saying this for publicity but because I truly
am interested in their music

here's a link to their page: myspace.com/markandalex

I think it's worth a look

anyways he brought me back some mad clothes and some jellybeans which happen to be my favourite candy ^^

I leave in a few days for New York city and I cannot wait

anyways I realy should get back to my homework
so I bid you farewell!

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