02/03/08 dreadful, but a sweet delight

today was awfully dreadful...
but there were nonetheless brighter parts of the day.
me and my buddy went to the museum... for my
drawing class assignment only to find out
that.. it's due in two weeks...

We marched onwards to Chinatown after going around in
circles for a few minutes on the metro...

finally we arrived and we headed for bubble tease,
lovely place i might add, and we had the most wonderfully tasteful
bubble tease i've ever drank.

Then on to the bakery. i bought myself a few tasty pastries

and when went to catch the bus.

Now i am at home, it is 11.07
and i must write a humanities essay...
i've lost my outline...
and i'm absolutely distressed

what to do, what to do, what to do..

oh dear, help!

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