24/06/08 ...

you know after last night
i was soo depressed
i think i had the worst day of the summer yesterday

and i mean the worst.

anyways, i actually thought out of all that happened
that something good might occur out of what had just happened

but i'm sorry to say; it's right back to where we left it ...
isn't it funny how people come and talk to you soo much
in one night but you know after that night the next day they'll probably
stop talking to you

i'm just wondering what the point of things were
to come justify stuff just so you can feel better about yourself
'cause that's the image that i'm left with, no ones trying to make you look bad
well that's most likely a lie, i'm not trying to make you look bad
i just don't know anymore ?

what's the use

i don't want you nor do i expect you to read this and understand it
i just thought you were something more

i'm not any better but ...

1 comment:

nik said...

you got over it!

i really know that situation too good! when you talk to somebody sooo much and the next day they dont talk to you anymore!

i realy want to know the reasons