19/06/08 deal

i don't know much but the last few weeks have been a mouthful.
troublesome times, that is what you may say

but i prefer to call it nothing more than a process,

between beauty lays the ill-favored...and once you reach the ill-favored beauty blossoms once more..

the grass will be greener in lighter terms i suppose

but for now i let loose some thoughts through my keyboard

and onto this page. Emotionless it may seem but words are potent when

applied in the right manner.

today was a beautiful day no matter who may contradict me.

yes, it rained, it poured even but still something shone through, no.. no sun

no shine just a feeling of somewhat warmth even through the damp chill.

i lay on my grandmothers couch while my hoody was put to rest in the dryer.

i thought and grew weary, all i ask is to no longer feel what makes me so ill.

ill, disdain

it will end, as i said it's a process..

ahah i hope no one catchs on ^^ steffie will.

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